Top 5 Best UltraBooks in 2014

The size of the technology is drastically shrinking day by day, but that’s not the case with the performance, which surprisingly is becoming faster, better and much more powerful than ever before. This surely proves that the size of the device has nothing to do with the performance of the same.

Talking about the laptops, Ultrabooks are the new face of laptop technology with size as small and compact as a tablet, but with incredible power and ultra fast performance. Ultrabooks have great battery lives and ultra powered graphics. There are quite a handful number of Ultrabooks out there in the market for you to buy. Let me list you down the best of them. So, here is the list of top 5 best Ultrabooks in the market in 2014.

5. Lenovo ThinkPad Helix


Lenovo ThinkPad Helix is yet another one of the best thin and ultra light Ultrabook in the market with high power graphics and performance. The laptop is a touch screen notebook and comes with Windows 8 preinstalled. With SSD storage, you get incredibly fast transfer speed and with Dual Battery arrangement, the battery backup is as good as 6.5 hrs. The laptop is powered by Intel Core i5 processors and 4 GB DDR3 RAM. The device also features 11.6 inch Full HD display with Intel HD 4000 Integrated graphics.

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4. Acer Aspire S7


Acer Aspire S7 is one of the best Ultrabooks in the market but the only limitation about this laptop is its size, which is very small, smaller than the average size of any laptop. Let’s dig this laptop further and figure out the specs. Acer Aspire S7 is very thin and light and has a very strong build quality. The device is powered by Intel Core i5 processors and runs Windows 8 OS. The device features 13.3 inch Full HD Wide Screen display with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. The laptop comes with Intel HD Graphics 4400 and comes with 128 GB SSD storage which is yet another one of the drawbacks of this Ultrabook.

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3. Samsung ATIV Book


Samsung ATIV Book is one of the best performing Ultrabooks out there in the market. This is by far the best laptop by Samsung and the best thing about this Ultrabook is that it has ultra high resolution display and has probably the best display on any laptop. The device sure has some saucy specs and we are going to look at it right now. Samsung ATIV Book is powered by Intel Core i5 processors and come with 4 GB RAM. The device also features Intel HD 4400 graphics and 13.3 inch FULL HD display.

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2. ASUS ZenBook Prime


Being an Ultrabook, Asus ZenBook Prime is very thin and light and is yet quite powerful as the device is powered by Intel core i7 processors. The device features full HD 1080p IPS display that can deliver HD content with ease without any lag. About the specs, as I mentioned before, the laptop comes with Intel Core i7 Processors and 4 GB DDR3 RAM. The laptop features 13.3 inch LED backlight display. ASUS ZenBook Prime is one of the most powerful Ultrabooks in the market.

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1. HP Spectre XT Touch Smart


HP Spectre is the best Ultrabook from HP and has one of the best built qualities ever. The device has a very attractive design and the audio quality of the laptop is sharp, clear and loud. The device features full HD 1080p display which is touch enabled. The device is powered by Intel Core i7 processors and comes with 8 GB RAM for faster and better performance. HP Spectre features 15.6 inch full HD LED Glossy display and is very powerful.

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  • i like your selection of ultra books but they are costly and i just cant afford it. i am well aware of the fact that ultrabooks are costly but there has to be some way that will cost me less and i can still experience the ultrabook. please let me know if there are ultrabooks in the market that will cost me less. thanks..

    Richard Manuell

    November 5, 2013

  • no matter what you say, i love Acer Aspire S7. it seems like it is the only laptop that comes under the category of ultra books. it is slim, it is fast, and has a great performance record. it is a bit costly but still worth it. for me, Acer Aspire S7 is the best Ultrabook in the market.

    Steve Tailor

    November 5, 2013

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