Top 5 Best Laptop Brands in 2015

Recently I decided to get a new laptop for myself and first thing came in my mind was obviously the laptop brand. It gets really confusing when you finally have to decide which laptop brand to go with since there are plenty of reputed laptop brands. Since almost all laptops come with same OS, specs and display screen it really is important for you to choose the correct brand. Here in this article we’re going to guide you through them and let you know which laptop brand will suit you best.

Every brand has its own cons and pros and it’s you who have to decide what you want in your laptop. Best thing for you to do is certainly checking out online reviews and read what laptop experts are saying. Since there are so many brands here we’re going to list top 5 best laptop brands of 2015 and also you’ll see the pros and cons of each brand.

5. Lenovo

lenovo laptop

From a long time Lenovo has been one of the top quality laptop brands and it is a huge multi-national Chinese electronics company. Even before laptops they were manufacturing computer desktops and its accessories which were kind of solid. The brand has been in business since 1980s and after acquiring IBM in 2005 they have been among the remarkable electronics companies.

Usually Lenovo laptops are known for its style and solidness. Currently they are manufacturing laptops for 3 series’ which are ThinkPad, IdeaPad and Essential. There are hundreds of models in each of these laptop series’. All in all, Lenovo can be a really great laptop brand if you want a reliable laptop and they offer notebooks from medium quality to high quality according to your budget.

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4. HP


Hewlett-Packard also known as HP is a very well-known American laptop brand which manufactures electronics and computers. They frequently keep launching quality products such as laptops and computers. HP is certainly the best laptop brand for business users and college students.

Most of their laptops are powered by Intel or AMD processors which range from 10 to 17 inches. They recently have innovated new technology laptops such as touch screen and ultrabooks. Their popular series’ are Envy, ProBook, EliteBook, Spectre and Pavilion. HP laptops usually have pre-installed Windows 7 or 8 and their laptops are mostly rated 4 stars.

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3. Dell

dell laptop brand

Dell is yet another popular and one of the best American laptop brands. It definitely is better than Lenovo and HP due to their customer service and usually Dell laptops have their own class. They offer huge variety of laptops and they have their own gaming laptops brand named as Alienware which is most certainly the best gaming laptops brand.

Dell laptops insides include Intel Core processors and AMD Radeon graphics cards. Dell brand is mostly chosen by professionals due to its high quality hardware and swift performance. Their popular laptop series’ are Latitude, Vostro, XPS and Inspiron. I highly recommend Dell to people who have to travel around since its solidness can’t be compared with any other laptop brands.

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2. Sony

sony vaio brand

Sony is one of largest Japan companies and they are not just laptop brand but also Electronics Company, motion pictures, finance and Music Company. Sony was founded in 1940s and currently they have huge reputation for manufacturing reliable laptops and top-notch smartphones.

Sony has been manufacturing laptops under the name of “Sony VAIO” and their laptops definitely are the most stylish and colorful. Sony VAIO laptops are simply the best ones for multimedia users and they have plenty of series’ under VAIO. Lately they have been releasing their touch screen laptops and best of all was the Sony VAIO Pro which certainly beats Apple’s MacBook Air.

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1. Apple

best laptop brand

Apple is without a doubt the king brand when it comes to laptops and electronics. Each of their gadget has its own standard and is certainly is very appealing to anyone. Everything they manufacture is better than any other brand’s product. And MacBooks are no exception. Unlike Windows laptops, Apple MacBooks are extremely easy to use and manage.

Performance is simply the best thing in Apple’s laptop and they have only 2 models in different sizes which are MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. After doing a whole lot of research I found that Apple is the best laptop brand and of course costliest too. Best thing about the latest version MacBooks is their battery life which is about 12 hours on single charge. Overall, so far there is no other laptop brand which can beat Apple and we might see some changes next year.

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